Celebrate Duafe Dallas TX  on Sept !

naturally Isis Presents 2nd annual Natural Hair Parade

Duafe is the Adinkra Symbol for beauty and this morning I  was sooooo honored to be able to speak with a true pioneer and ambassador for African Beauty across the Diaspora–


the amazing Naturally Isis.  

For the second year Isis Brantley of  Naturally Isis brings us the Natural Hair Parade and Festival  in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.    

 This parade and festival is the first of it kind celebrating African Beauty. Naturally Isis is always teaching and  sharing concepts of empowerment thru self love being a huge focus of  this parade and festival.  

If you are  anywhere close to Dallas Metro area I encourage you to head over and join the fun

 ….. on Saturday, September 1st  to be a part of this amazing event.

Listen in below to my chat with this amazing lady and learn more about Naturally Isis, her  inspiration  to host this special event – truly a beautiful  labor of love and about all the special activities planned for September 1st.

Here is a link to the chat we enjoyed

 I encourage you to consider offering donations to this amazing event to assist with the education and empowerment of women through DUAFE

Please contact the Outreach Coordinator at (404) 944-6439

or visit Naturally Isis Natural Hair Online 


Passing down the Traditions - So Important

Naturally Isis teaching about the tradition of Duafe

Adinkra symbol that reprents beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe

The Adinkra symbol Duafe represents beauty and desirable feminine qualities.   Black Girls  Run is a national organization that is helping African-American women to develop  these positive qualities through running.  The founders of this fantastic organization are encouraging Black women to focus on making fitness and healthy living a priority.  Black women in the US have an extremely high rate of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.  Exercise and healthy diet changes are two  important areas that this organization is helping women to improve thus leading to lower obesity and poor health.  The Black Girls Run Website offers running resources, local contacts for BGR, great healthy recipes, “runspiration”  and so much more! It is truly a wonderful place for women just starting out in their running adventures and those who have an established “track” record! I applaud the ladies participating in these healthy endeavors for expressing their Duafe power!   Strong work girls – keep up the great work!

Running Shoes

Running Shoes photo by Josiah Mackenzie via Creative Commons Licence

Photo Fun
Dumpr – Photo Fun

Dedicating this post to the celebration of Women during the Month of March!   Ladies we all must remember that Duafe is a special thing !  We know that being a woman is so much more than wearing a skirt or curing our hair!   As women  God has given us very special gifts!  We nurture  the world and make it beautiful in sooo many ways…..THIS is OUR POWER!  Remember that anything that interferes with your ability to nurture self and those you cherish ……it is wrong!   Stay positive, peaceful and beautiful!

Are you planning anything special this month to celebrate women?  I would love to hear about it ….pls share here!

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Miss Africa USA July 24 2010

Miss Africa USA - Duafe for Humanity

I am looking forward to  the upcoming Miss Africa USA Pageant that will take place in Silver Spring, Maryland on July 24, 2010 from 6p – 11p.  The contestants are young women from African nations that are living in the United States.  The goal and purpose of this beautiful event is to shine a spotlight on these African Queens and offer an inspiring occasion not only for the delegates but for the world!  Although the Miss Africa USA Pageant has been in existence since 2005,  this is the first year I am aware of its existence.   The Miss Africa USA website describes the pageant as ” the biggest and the most publicized pageant that features African Queens in USA today.”   The winner of the pageant will receive a scholarship, trip to Africa, a luxury vacation and more!

The Miss Africa USA Channel offers video interviews with the finalists.  Each contestant has specific humanitarian goals that she discusses within the video!  How awesome to see these strong, positive young women  so focused on helping others!  It gives me GREAT hope for the future!  We must all find ways to support this pageant and these women!

The pageant will be aired on the Afrotainment Channel on  Saturday July 31, 2010 at 9pm EST.  I am still searching for live streaming availability …..if I find it I will surely update this post!!  Be sure to stop by the Miss Africa USA website to vote for your favorite finalist and be sure to vote for the host city for 2011.   If  you are lucky enough to have tickets and are attending ….Please share the DUAFE with us….post your pictures (or links) here!

Afrocentric wedding Dress by Therez Fleetwood

This beautiful Gown for the Afrocentric Bride!

Here is a link:  http://therezfleetwood.com/modules/content/index.php?id=50

The Adinkra symbol Duafe represents beauty and cleanliness. These are said to be desirable feminine qualities. The adinkra symbol is also said to be symbolic of goodness, love and care. I think the Akan people realized the value of a feminine view of the world…..that it is important and necessary! Women add beauty to our world in a very special way. I believe it is imperative for modern women of ALL cultures to emphasis this and teach it to the next generation. In a world where women can do just about anything, we have to remember that being a woman IS special and different and that we bring a unique energy to the table!
As we take this month to recognize Women’s History we must be sure to look at the special energy that we offer our husbands, parents, children, friends and the world.

Reach out and Celebrate your Duafe…Your beauty is SPECIAL!

Adinkra symbol Duafe

Sankofa -Family Pictures

February 28, 2010

Just wanting to share this photo of my beautiful Great Grandmother! Wish I could have known her but am so thankful that my Grandmother was so diligent about saving these old photo! I even have a picture of my Great -Grandmother’s  Mother!
How lucky are we…to be able to share these with the next generation! I am working on creating a photo filled family tree for my family to share!

Celebrating my Black History - Great Grandmother

I am Soooooo sorry for getting this to you late! I had unanticipated technical difficulties with getting this up!
What I have worked to put up is a template for YOUR family tree!   This will allow  You to put  the powerful concept of the Adinkra symbol Sankofa into practice right now!!   Go Back and Claim what has been left behind!

Download this tree and fill it in …..then work to find the names that go in any blank spaces!

Call the senior members of your family to learn more about Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles and more!

So here is the downloadable link:

sankofa means return and fetch it!

Sankofa means Return and Fetch it!

I would also like to remind you of my offer …….

one FREE Census look up  (1900, 1910 or 1920)

for anyone who joins this blog!

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Please continue to strive to go back and fetch your BEAUTIFUL  past!

Those who cannot remember their past are doomed to repeat it!

Celebrate Family!!