Freedom I See!

June 20, 2012

Freedom is What I see


I am learning to live free

Living and learning all the meanings of me

As I grow and find inner peace

Stress,  anxiety all making a decrease

I’m Lookin’ inside

 And Gaining a new pride!!


On the path 2 find truth in MY universe

Can’t look back, gotta remove reverse


’cause there IS hope yes light up ahead

Finding beautiful Grace is where I am led.


Visions of Freedom

June 13, 2012

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Memorial Day, Juneteenth and Fourth of July are all American Holidays that commemorate historically significant days in our country centered around freedom. I have labeled this time of year Freedom Season because of all the celebrations and talk about freedom during this time of the year. Freedom is what our country was founded upon. This is sometimes incomprehensible because it is also the period in history that many Africans had their freedom taken.  There are so many historical dates around the globe that show what people have given to stand for freedom.  As we reflect on these amazing people and moments we can come together and share in the strength shown.  We can take the lessons learned and proceed into a future full of freedom for all persons around the world.

Over at KiaraBlu we have established a special place in celebration of “Freedom Season”. Kiarablu has partnered with Goddess Angelika to sponser a Blog Hop and ongoing conversation on twitter about Freedom. We would love to have you join the hop and conversation. What do you think Freedom looks like? What does it mean to you?



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October is the month  designated to celebrate the rich history of people of African descent in The United Kingdom.  At Kiarablu we celebrate this rich history all year long.   I would like to offer a few of our afrocentric designs.   These are created to offer our fantastic customers the opportunity to express their love and  respect for the beautiful continent of AFRICA!   Enjoy and please let us know your favorites !


Adinkra symbol Duafe represents Beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe from Ghana West Africa

Afrocentric tee design

Afrocentric - Africa center of all

UK black history month

October is Black History month

Photo Fun
Dumpr – Photo Fun

Dedicating this post to the celebration of Women during the Month of March!   Ladies we all must remember that Duafe is a special thing !  We know that being a woman is so much more than wearing a skirt or curing our hair!   As women  God has given us very special gifts!  We nurture  the world and make it beautiful in sooo many ways…..THIS is OUR POWER!  Remember that anything that interferes with your ability to nurture self and those you cherish ……it is wrong!   Stay positive, peaceful and beautiful!

Are you planning anything special this month to celebrate women?  I would love to hear about it ….pls share here!

Also – Get your own copy of this Sisters design here –>

The United States  has  elected a President of African descent —-

There are no longer laws  that confine or restrict the places  where African-Americans can go……

so many people ask the question……”Why do we need Black History Month”?

Represents strength

Adinkra symbol Wawa Aba

I believe we MUST continue to remember, celebrate and pass on the legacy of resilience that Africans  in American have lived.   Understanding the difficult past of our African ancestors and how they stood strong, believed in God for their freedom and never gave up is extremely important as we look to the future.   Our children need to understand that they are free because their ancestors NEVER gave up or gave in. Despite the evidence of any chance that things would change …….they continued on with the belief that if not their children, then their children’s children or great-grandchildren WOULD BE FREE!   And here we are …….their beliefs realized… beautiful!!!

The Adinkra symbol WAWA ABA  means seed of a wawa tree and represents hardiness, toughness and perseverance.   Black history month is a salute to our ancestors who kept these principles in their heart and minds.   We have to continue the walk ….standing just as tall and strong!   Celebrate Black history month this year with a vision of Wawa

Wawa Aba -show your strength

Wawa Aba embroidered cap from Kiarablu

Be Strong…….Be Proud…….Always Remember!

February is the month we have designated to celebrate the rich history of people of African descent in United States.  At Kiarablu we celebrate this rich history all year long.   I would like to offer a few of our afrocentric designs.   These are created to offer our fantastic customers the opportunity to express their love and  respect for the beautiful continent of AFRICA!   Enjoy and please let us know your favorites !




celebrate Black history month - Sankofa

Sankofa t-shirt desigN






Afrocentric tee design

Afrocentric - Africa center of all





Embroidered Tribal Africa design

Embroidered Tribal Africa design




Perfect for Fall decorations!

Ck out our pumpkins and scarecrow

Our Fall decorations featuring Kente cloth

A Halloween Alternative with ANANSI


Anansi  folk tales originated in Ghana, West Africa.   Parents have used the humorous stories to teach their children life lessons for many, many generations.    Today we can find Anansi, his wife Aso and their  children,  happily tucked  into the memories of folks all across the African Diaspora.  From Ghana, to the Caribbean, to the South  Eastern  US,  you will get a wide smile and pleasant reminiscing eyes upon the mention of the  humorous trickster  named Anansi.
During the fall months of October and November, we  see many exhibitions  and inclusion of  spiders.   This is in part because spiders  become more active and visible to us.     It is also a great time to  re-tell and celebrate the adventures of the original Spiderman – Anansi !   Many people  today are looking to find alternatives to  scary,  shadow filled  Halloween parties.    An Anansi  celebration  can provide families   with a fun and healthy  alternative  that even includes stories that teach  life lessons.
There are many activities that you can include in an Anansi  celebration.    My first suggestion is to obtain  a book of Anansi stories.   This will allow you to choose several Anansi folk tales to  read and enjoy during the celebration.   The stories are easy to  read and share,  and they offer plenty of room for  embellishment .  You can  keep the celebration  a simple family affair  or invite friends and  extended family to join in the fun.
Including a karamu  (feast)  will make your celebration extra special.   Because the  Tricky spider is known throughout the  African Diaspora,   there are  a wide range of  foods you can  include.    Black Beans with rice (Anansi LOVES beans) ,  sweet potato biscuits,   and gumbo are just a few yummy ideas that come to mind.   On the sweeter side of things,  you can help the kids to create  Anansi  cupcake pops,  design  spider web cupcakes  or cookies.   Of course  the focus should be on the  FUN so be sure to  use all the creativity you can muster!
Crafting might also be a great way to celebrate the tricky little arachnid.    Girls can create an Anasi/Aso hair clips while the boys  work on  Anansi  knapsack  clasps.   Placemats featuring Ananai  are quite inexpensive when you use  recycled/up cycled materials.

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Our Anansi t-shirt featuring Ananse Adinkra symbol

Last but not least be sure to take loads of pictures to remember all the beautiful smiles this little spider will bring you.  Be sure to share them with us via email or face book!  His antics are a really fun way to spend  one evening this fall.

Sending out mega wishes of PEACE on this International Day of Peace!  One Adinkra symbol that I think of represents reconciliation and

Adinkra symbol for reconciliation and peacemaking

Peace - Adinkra style

peacemaking  – Mpatopo!   I find it so beautiful that there are so many symbols for peace around the world in every culture and nation. What puzzles me is why we can’t find this beautiful thing called PEACE?

What are you doing to extend peace?

Happy National HBCU Week!

September 17, 2010

This is National HBCU week……..a time to celebrate  the Historically Black Colleges  and Universities of our great nation.  As a graduate of Hampton University  I think it is great to hear the President speaking  about  and bringing focus  to these historic institutions.  We have to continue the tradition of HBCU’s and emphasize the importance of education to the youth of our country.   They must understand that higher education will make a significant difference in what path their future takes.    The work that each student puts in to obtain a solid education will offer them many life opportunities that they could never imagine.   I have been able to  travel all across our great nation because of  the solid education I received at Hampton.   My education has opened doors that would have been solidly shut to me without out my degree.







HBCU t-shirt

HBCU t-shirt "Educating Future Leaders"

I am truly thankful for the encouragement I received from family and friends while I worked to obtain a higher education degree.  I challenge each of you to encourage and support the young people in your life to aim high and pursue not just an undergraduate degree but also a graduate level education.

The adinkra symbol Nea Onnim No  Sua A Ohu  represents knowledge & life long





HBCU s are shining a bright light on life long learning

learning. HBCU s have offered students a fantastic educational foundation for their life journey  since 1837, when Cheyney University was founded.  The importance of life long learning was not lost on the Akan nor the original students of HBCU s. It is our job now to continue to support these institutions in their mission and encourage our youth to learn as much as they can everyday!

Did you attend a HBCU ?  Please give a shoutout here!








HBCU kids tee

Show your little ones they are headed for greatness!