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I  love everything Family!!  I am sure you have guessed this with the many posts I have written  which include something about family.   I have worked quite a bit on my own family history ……an amazing journey that I feel is a gift for my children.  I want them to know they are here because of the prayers, beliefs and hard work of those who preceded them in the family.  My daughter can proudly name 5 generations of  grandmothers!!   I am very fortunate because my maternal grandmother kept and shared a lot of family history which we have today.  I even have the daily diary of my Great Great Aunt circa 1900…..a true treasure and window into what life was like during those days….very hard!!

Sankofa design from Kiarablu

Sankofa reminds us to Return & Get what was left behind

I  encourage everyone to do some family research and/or documentation.  It is not only for yourself but also  for the children of your family.   If you are wondering “where do I begin”  ?  I suggest right where you are.  Begin with your immediate family,  your parents and grandparents.  Fill out the family tree with all that you know –  it will be more than you realize!!  Then begin the Sankofa journey……. ask for the information that is missing from other family members….siblings of your parents and grandparents, their children and spouses.  This  can be done at family gatherings ( even if it is not an “official” family reunion) …..bring the tree with you and connect with others and their families.

Click on the image below for your own family tree to fill out!!  

October is the month  designated to celebrate the rich history of people of African descent in The United Kingdom.  At Kiarablu we celebrate this rich history all year long.   I would like to offer a few of our afrocentric designs.   These are created to offer our fantastic customers the opportunity to express their love and  respect for the beautiful continent of AFRICA!   Enjoy and please let us know your favorites !


Adinkra symbol Duafe represents Beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe from Ghana West Africa

Afrocentric tee design

Afrocentric - Africa center of all

UK black history month

October is Black History month

October 14, 2011

A legacy of strength and perseverance has been passed down for many generations! What will this generation contribute to the community. Wawa Aba is the Adinkra symbol which represents strength! I am going to have to order this book to learn more about the history of Black People in the United Kingdom! Sending beautiful Sankofa wishes as you celebrate your Black History United  Kingdom!!


As most of you will already know by now it’s Black History Month here in the UK. So for those who wish to learn more about black history (outside of our contribution to the world’s of entertainment and sport) please check out the following publications.

[Thanks Chico-Rei]

Click HERE to purchase.

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Adinkra symbol Sankofa

Adinkra symbol Sankofa - Return & Get what you left behind

October is Black History Month in the United Kingdom!   I just learned last year that our UK Brothers and Sisters do not celebrate their season of Sankofa during the same month as we do here in the United States.   This news is VERY exciting to me because I have “discovered” another area to research in Black History ( as if I don’t have a WIDE field here in the US!)

Learning about Black History UK has been such a beautiful discovory……many facts I did not know about. (be sure to follow our twitter timeline for more @kiarablu)  The video I have included below is a wonderful interview with Mia Morris.  She is the founder of – a web site devoted to Black History in the United Kingdom.   This fantastic site is a treasure trove of historical information from past and modern times.   Be sure to hop over for a visit.    

If you are celebrating the month of October as Black History month PLEASE leave us a note about your event, family time, teaching or artistic expressions.   Links are VERY welcome so that I can learn MORE!! 

Sending beautiful Sankofa wishes to all the beautiful

ppl celebrating their amazing history this

month in the United Kingdom!

As we march into the patriotic holidays for our great nation over the next two months I would like to share some thoughts, memories and photos.  Memorial Day, Juneteenth and The 4th of July are generally a time of celebration and a time to remember our brave men and women that have fought for true freedom!

Sankofa - memories of WW I

Sankofa - Patriotic thoughts of WW I 369th Infantry

This beautiful photo was taken of the families celebrating the return of the brave soldiers of the 369th Infantry as they marched uptown  in NYC! The soldiers were returning from their service in France. I love the smiles on the faces…so proud of these brave men! The African-American community has offered many citizens who served bravely in all the wars this nation has engaged in. We must continue to remember ALL  the men and women who have served bravely to defend this nation. Sharing these old photos and stories with the next generation will give them a clear picture about the contributions many Black men and women have made to US history! I believe this is the spirit of SANKOFA….helping the next generations reach back and hold onto their history.

I have been privileged to have many stories and pictures passed on to me throughout my life.
Who are the people who have served our great nation in your family?  Do you share stories with the youth? 

Do you have a member of the family serving now?   I would love to hear about them!!

Adinkra symbols can be incorporated into your wedding designs.  These symbols can be used in many ways throughout your wedding theme.  Here is a wedding cake that I came across which I think offers wonderful inspiration and showcases the beauty of Adinkra symbols! This beautiful cake was created by Bread Stuy  Cafe of NY 

Adinkra wedding inspiration

A beautiful expression of Adinkra

Sankofa -Family Pictures

February 28, 2010

Just wanting to share this photo of my beautiful Great Grandmother! Wish I could have known her but am so thankful that my Grandmother was so diligent about saving these old photo! I even have a picture of my Great -Grandmother’s  Mother!
How lucky are we…to be able to share these with the next generation! I am working on creating a photo filled family tree for my family to share!

Celebrating my Black History - Great Grandmother

I am Soooooo sorry for getting this to you late! I had unanticipated technical difficulties with getting this up!
What I have worked to put up is a template for YOUR family tree!   This will allow  You to put  the powerful concept of the Adinkra symbol Sankofa into practice right now!!   Go Back and Claim what has been left behind!

Download this tree and fill it in …..then work to find the names that go in any blank spaces!

Call the senior members of your family to learn more about Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles and more!

So here is the downloadable link:

sankofa means return and fetch it!

Sankofa means Return and Fetch it!

I would also like to remind you of my offer …….

one FREE Census look up  (1900, 1910 or 1920)

for anyone who joins this blog!

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Please continue to strive to go back and fetch your BEAUTIFUL  past!

Those who cannot remember their past are doomed to repeat it!

Celebrate Family!!

Sankofa – Family History

February 25, 2010

Black history is not just about memorizing facts and dates about others it is a GREAT time to learn more about your own family!

Take some time this month to talk to older family members..ask them about their childhood, their parents, what pictures do they have?? Have them retell stories that you have heard before…you may be surprised at a new piece of family history that comes out.

Recently I learned that my Great Grandfather was alive when my Grandfather passed on ( before I was even born). I just assumed he had passed on too. It was only when I asked my Aunt what was the year of her Grandfathers death that I learned it was much later than I could have guessed!

I had an exciting time several years ago tracking a cousin of my Grandfathers ……all I knew is that her name was Laurastein and she lived in Philly…..but I found her on the census! What a thrill to look at the census and see your grandfathers cousin and find other family members.

So as you can see I am a card carrying member of! I would like to offer a gift to you!
Become a registered member of Adinkra Love and I will give you a FREE Census lookup on the 1900, 1910 or 1920 census!
That will be my Sankofa Gift to you!

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