global new born conferenceHere in the US we are blessed with many places mothers can take their children for  maternal education, immunizations and care.  Around the globe  many mothers are not so fortunate.   There are many global initiatives to help change this situation and improve the health of babies thus giving them a strong start in life.   The upcoming Global  Newborn Health Conference in South Africa is a wonderful event that will offer NGO’s, researchers and health experts the opportunity to come together.  Through their collaborative work they will develop programs that will positively impact newborn health around the globe.   The conference will challenge these experts to answer the questions  “Why are so many newborns in the poorest countries dying? And what can we do as a global community to save them?”

UN Photo/Albert González Farran

 I encourage you to  join me in spreading the word about this important event on April 15 -18 in Johannesburg, South Africa  You can follow these organizations on Twitter for conference updates.  You can also follow Dr. Gary Darmstadt (@gdarmsta),    on Twitter.  He is the  Director of the Family Health Division of the Gates Foundation and will be tweeting daily “Did You Know?” facts about newborn health



UN Photo/Fardin Waezi

UN Photo/Fardin Waezi



Sending beautiful Sankofa wishes to those celebrating Black History Month in the United Kingdom this month!! Peace and blessings always.

Celebrating Black History in the United Kingdom

Sankofa is the Adinkra symbol that reminds us to Return and Get what has been left behind.

War Horn

Akoben represents vigilance

As the A to Z Challenge draws to a close I would like to take this space to extend a challenge to my readers.  Become vigilant for opportunities to promote positive energy.  I think we can all help  make the world the positive place we want it to be  by actively working to find ways to do good through our words and actions!    

Akoben is the adinkra symbol that represents vigilance.  It is the war horn that reminds us to be ready…..I think we all can become more vigilant about  where we can make positive change.  If we actively look for opportunities in our everyday lives to promote positive words, thoughts and actions we will collectively move the ball forward in the right direction.



So my friends take up the positive “war horn” as you go to work, school and shopping.   Let me know where you found opportunities to promote the positive!!


United from A to Z

April 26, 2012

As this A to Z challenge rolls on and heads towards its close I am inspired to remark on the sense of unity  I have discovered.   Despite having a very difficult time keeping pace this past week due to illness…..I have continued to feel a part of this A to Z train!   Seeing all the #atozchallenge tweets and reading posts has been what made me try so hard to find a way to push through!  And now that I am feelin’ better  I am so glad and thankful for all the A to Z pull!! 

Unity togetherness

Adinkra symbol Bese Saka represents Unity, power and togetherness

 So for the letter U – I stand United with my fellow a to z bloggers.  Tha adinkra symbol BESE SAKA represents unity, power and togetherness.   I think it is the symbol that most accurately represents this challenge.  The symbol visually represents cola nuts which is an agricultural product with an important role in Ghana and has influence in bringing people together.  That is how I see the A to Z challenge an important influencer to bring folks together – So powerful!!

Heres to a fantastic finish!

I  love everything Family!!  I am sure you have guessed this with the many posts I have written  which include something about family.   I have worked quite a bit on my own family history ……an amazing journey that I feel is a gift for my children.  I want them to know they are here because of the prayers, beliefs and hard work of those who preceded them in the family.  My daughter can proudly name 5 generations of  grandmothers!!   I am very fortunate because my maternal grandmother kept and shared a lot of family history which we have today.  I even have the daily diary of my Great Great Aunt circa 1900…..a true treasure and window into what life was like during those days….very hard!!

Sankofa design from Kiarablu

Sankofa reminds us to Return & Get what was left behind

I  encourage everyone to do some family research and/or documentation.  It is not only for yourself but also  for the children of your family.   If you are wondering “where do I begin”  ?  I suggest right where you are.  Begin with your immediate family,  your parents and grandparents.  Fill out the family tree with all that you know –  it will be more than you realize!!  Then begin the Sankofa journey……. ask for the information that is missing from other family members….siblings of your parents and grandparents, their children and spouses.  This  can be done at family gatherings ( even if it is not an “official” family reunion) …..bring the tree with you and connect with others and their families.

Click on the image below for your own family tree to fill out!!  

A Reading Culture

April 25, 2012

Several months ago I visited the blog Puddles in Africa by Christine.  I was  so happy to read about the beautiful journey she experienced thru the  introduction of   books to her daughter Eva. Christine  also  introduced me to the organization  Ethiopia Reads.   This fantastic group is working to bring reading culture to the youth in the  East African nation of Ethiopia.  Providing these children with an education offers them the opportunity to positively change  the direction of their future.  This will allow them to contribute and positively impact their local communities.   Ethiopia Reads offers the mission goal of connecting children of Ethiopia with books through the  planting libraries  with appropriate reading and training materials for students and educators.  They believe  “Those who read…..bloom”   I whole heartedly agree!!

Ethiopia Reads

Ethiopia Reads  has established several ways to support and help these children “bloom” thru reading.   I challenge all of my Adinkra Love readers and visitors to find a way to support this group.  Community groups can become a Friend of Ethiopia Reads Partner.  Use the   20 ways to support Ethiopia Reads List for  group activities   that will  promote and support  the planting of  libraries.   All donations to the organization are Tax Deductable….be sure to look at the list of how far the donated dollars go here.    This is truly an example of  how a little can go a looonnngg way.   A third way to support this organization  would be  to purchase one of the beautiful books for sale on their website.  Several of the titles are autographed by the author.

by Jane Kurtz

Saba- Under Hyenas Foot

 Are you working with any organizations that promote reading??   I believe if we all  work to  find ways to make a  positive difference for the next generation we will be happy with the beautiful world that it is sure to be!!

Jam…..Peace Jam

April 11, 2012

knot of pacification and reconciliation

Mpatapo is the Adinkra symbol that represents peace making

J is for Jam…..the amazing work of Peace Jam.   Peace Jam  is an amazing organization working to bring together youth and Nobel Laureates thru the work of community affiliates and volunteers.  The goal of this organization is to educate, inspire and call to action youth to make a positive difference using this powerful combination.  

Peace Jam is educating youth with the powerful stories of Nobel Laureates like Desmond TuTu and the Dali Lama and inspiring them to then go out and initiate community actions that promote peace.   The organizers and leaders of this organization are using their Peace Jam conferences to bring these “Jammers” together for even more inspiration and plans for action.

Peace Jam was founded by Dawn Engle and Ivan Suvanjieff in Denver Colorado. This dynamic duo is  now  working to continue their momentum  to keep youth excited about tackling and solving  the toughest issues facing our planet.

As a youth leader within my Church I am really inspired by this organization.  We have had  several discussions with our group about how they can make a positive contribution to their local community.   Are you currently working with youth in your community?  What local issues has your group worked to positively contribute to?  How have you been inspired by their views?

Here is a wonderful video with an Introduction of PeaceJam Global Call to Action

Inspired and I Love It!!

April 10, 2012

Symbol of Unity

Adinkra Symbol Nkonsonkonson reminds us to contribute to the community and therein lies great strength!!

Today’s post is a Love Note to all the visitors, posters, bloggers and Tweeters that have made the last week amazing!!  I entered this A to Z Challenge as a fun “new” activity.  I figured I would have a few new visitors to my blog, check out a couple of fellow A to Z Challenge Blogs and learn a wee bit more about blogging—-Boy was I WRONG!!  I don’t think I can accurately explain to you what an amazing 8 days it has been.  Truly a challenge to keep up with posting and all the duties of a Mom and wife  but also an incredibly inspiring experience.   The blogs I have visited have given me so many new perspectives on topics for blogging, themes and more.  Gaining a view into another bloggers world perspective has truly put me in awe…..and for this I say a BIG  THANK YOU.   I cannot tell you the number of times I have mention to my hubby “I am just loving this A to Z Challenge”  I even tried to get him to join in –maybe I will have better luck next year!

So here is to the next 18 post – Keep it coming folks and I promise to keep reading and doing my best to add a little inspiration for you too!    

Hope you enjoy this video of Stevie Wonders  

“I Just Called To Say I Love You”


As I continue on the journey of A to Z Blogging we come to E.  This was a difficult one for me to determine what to write about – I have finally settled on Energy – the much-needed – over used resource  of the modern world.

Currently many people on the African continent are working to find reliable sources of energy for  residents of many countries.  Because the infrastructure  in many countries is not as well-developed or reliable as we enjoy here in US   there have been many projects to create energy sources locally.  Solar energy has become a great way to offer rural residents an ongoing energy source.  Solar energy can be harnessed through panels  that can be by placed  local residents.  This addition to homes in the rural areas reduces the need for expensive kerosene oil and provides more hours of light thereby increasing productivity after dark sunset.

Here is a great video describing a program that trains Grandmothers in Kenya to install Solar Panels to their village. They received the nick name  “Solar Sisters”.  They can then teach others and extend the knowledge to neighboring villages.  What a powerful chain of events this can be to a region with no electric grid.

I also would like to share  another view of energy that I came across  – Sankofa Energy fabric  from KKweli over at Spoonflower.  I love the vibrance of this design and  truly appreciate  the concept of having tons of ENERGY to go back and claim what we left behind!!   


Just wanted to share this Action Campaign I came across over at Mom Bloggers For Social Good!  You can donate $10 to help spread the word in the fight to raise awareness and fight malaria in Africa simply by texting “Dream” to 859944

This simple text will also enter you to win a trip to Africa with TV star Katharine McPhee !   For more about this campaign or to join the positive impact being driven by Moms For social Good please see the link below:



Action Campaign – Spread the Word About Malaria No More’s ‘Dream Big for Africa’ Campaign