Afrocentric wedding Dress by Therez Fleetwood

This beautiful Gown for the Afrocentric Bride!

Here is a link:


Adinkra symbols can be incorporated into your wedding designs.  These symbols can be used in many ways throughout your wedding theme.  Here is a wedding cake that I came across which I think offers wonderful inspiration and showcases the beauty of Adinkra symbols! This beautiful cake was created by Bread Stuy  Cafe of NY 

Adinkra wedding inspiration

A beautiful expression of Adinkra

Adinkra Nuptials

May 2, 2009

As we head into the Spring and Summer months our minds  turn naturally to weddings.

Weddings are a wonderful place to display symbols of heritage and culture!!

Here is a link to a beautiful custom wedding ring designed for a couple using Adinkra symbol and an Anhk

Did you use any cultural or Adinkra symbols in your wedding or reception.  I would love to learn about what others have done to  bring  African culture into their special day!!