Celebrate Duafe Dallas TX  on Sept !

naturally Isis Presents 2nd annual Natural Hair Parade

Duafe is the Adinkra Symbol for beauty and this morning I  was sooooo honored to be able to speak with a true pioneer and ambassador for African Beauty across the Diaspora–


the amazing Naturally Isis.  

For the second year Isis Brantley of  Naturally Isis brings us the Natural Hair Parade and Festival  in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.    

 This parade and festival is the first of it kind celebrating African Beauty. Naturally Isis is always teaching and  sharing concepts of empowerment thru self love being a huge focus of  this parade and festival.  

If you are  anywhere close to Dallas Metro area I encourage you to head over and join the fun

 ….. on Saturday, September 1st  to be a part of this amazing event.

Listen in below to my chat with this amazing lady and learn more about Naturally Isis, her  inspiration  to host this special event – truly a beautiful  labor of love and about all the special activities planned for September 1st.

Here is a link to the chat we enjoyed

 I encourage you to consider offering donations to this amazing event to assist with the education and empowerment of women through DUAFE

Please contact the Outreach Coordinator at (404) 944-6439

or visit Naturally Isis Natural Hair Online 


Passing down the Traditions - So Important

Naturally Isis teaching about the tradition of Duafe


In many parts of the world education is not looked upon as something a girl needs to survive.  This is true in many countries on the African continent.   We know that without a proper education these children will be unable to participate in the modern world successfully.   Many people are familiar with the school built by Oprah Winfrey in South Africa to help address this issue but most are not working to find a way to offer support themselves to this issue.   I have come across several organizations working to positively change the statistics for girls education on the African continent.

World Education has  helped  girls in 12 African countries go to school through the Ambassador Girls’ Scholarship Program.  Last year they were able to assist 12,000 female students to attend classes.  The organization has also developed training for  local professional women who serve as mentors for students in the program. These local professionals guide and educate the girls s on the importance of education, HIV and AIDS awareness, reproductive health and community involvement.  The teachers happily are reporting improvement in the girl students  attendance and achievement level.   Success through this type of program  certainly offers the girls a much brighter future.  Visit the World Education website to find out more about how you can support their efforts:  www.worlded.org

Another organization that I found while surfing the net is Camfed.  Since 1993, this UK  Organization has fought poverty and AIDS by educating girls and empowering young women. Their programs have  assisted and educated  more than 1,451,600 children in  of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana and Malawi.   Camfed uses a community-based, holistic approach to bring about change in these African nations.

What a better education can do

Better Education for Girls Makes a difference

For more information about how to help girls become educated through Camfed please visit their site: www.camfed.org

I also came across the IADT’s School in a Box program that is bringing innovative fresh ways to bring education to rural areas of Africa and India

Here is a video of their presentation to many of the African Ministers of Education

Have you been involved in any programs that help raise the education of girls around the world?  I would love to hear about them.  Please be sure to share a link here!

symbol of steadfastness, prudence and diligence

With continued hard work and diligence we can raise the education level of girls in Africa

OWO FORO ADOBE is the Adinkra symbol for steadfastness, prudence and diligence –  this is the attitude we must take to make a difference in the education of girls around the world!


I have recieved some great suggestions that I would like to add to this post.  

 The United Nations Girls  Education Initiativeworks to assist national governments  fulfill their responsibilities towards ensuring the right to education and gender equality for all children, girls and boys alike. This amazing organization promotes strategies that put the needs of the most disadvantaged, including girls and women, first in education policies, plans and budgets of the goverments they work with internationally.

October is the month  designated to celebrate the rich history of people of African descent in The United Kingdom.  At Kiarablu we celebrate this rich history all year long.   I would like to offer a few of our afrocentric designs.   These are created to offer our fantastic customers the opportunity to express their love and  respect for the beautiful continent of AFRICA!   Enjoy and please let us know your favorites !


Adinkra symbol Duafe represents Beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe from Ghana West Africa

Afrocentric tee design

Afrocentric - Africa center of all

UK black history month

October is Black History month

Celebrate Natural Hair Duafe

Natural Hair Parade & Fesitaval Sept 3rd

Did you hear- Sept 3rd is the date  – Dallas is the place – Our Nations 1st Natural Hair Parade and Festival  WHOO HOO!  This is a beautiful event that is just making me smile from ear to ear!   ERYKAH BADU & INSTITUTE OF ANCESTRAL BRAIDING  have joined forces and are sponsoring a Parade to celebrate natural hair beauty on Sept 3rd – Labor Day.  They picked this day because it is a Labor of Love (so sweet)  I am just so excited to hear about this amazing expression of Duafe.  I wish I could be there to join in the warm and beautiful vibes  that are sure to be in the air  during the parade and festival!  If you live in the Dallas, Texas metro area I encourage you to join this Duafe Celebration.   One of the  goals of this event is to offer the community  an opportunity to come together in a positive and uplifting environment.  Local groups, churches and businesses are encouraged to participate.   Be sure to check out the video below from Ms Isis.  It is due to her dedication to continuing to broaden the horizons in natural hair care that this celebration is available to us!   I salute Isis and the amazing Ms Badu for bringing this opportunity to the people!

Are you planning to attend?  Please share your pictures and stories with me – right here!  If you tweet about the parade or festival pleass connect with me via twitter @kiarablu  or link up with me via Facebook  (Kiarablu)

Isis and Erykah  I wish you a beautiful day that exceeds ALL your Duafe dreams!  peace and love -Jaelma

Adinkra symbol that reprents beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe means beauty




Pictures from the parade!

via @naturallyisis Twitter page

At the Natural Hair Parade Sept 3

Adinkra symbol that reprents beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe

The Adinkra symbol Duafe represents beauty and desirable feminine qualities.   Black Girls  Run is a national organization that is helping African-American women to develop  these positive qualities through running.  The founders of this fantastic organization are encouraging Black women to focus on making fitness and healthy living a priority.  Black women in the US have an extremely high rate of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.  Exercise and healthy diet changes are two  important areas that this organization is helping women to improve thus leading to lower obesity and poor health.  The Black Girls Run Website offers running resources, local contacts for BGR, great healthy recipes, “runspiration”  and so much more! It is truly a wonderful place for women just starting out in their running adventures and those who have an established “track” record! I applaud the ladies participating in these healthy endeavors for expressing their Duafe power!   Strong work girls – keep up the great work!

Running Shoes

Running Shoes photo by Josiah Mackenzie via Creative Commons Licence

Sankofa thoughts

July 14, 2011

Sankofa Adinkra symbol

Sankofa- return and obtain what was left behind

Beautiful words to remind us about

the importance of embracing the concept of


For Africa to me… is more than a glamorous fact. It is a historical truth

  No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been

and exactly how he arrived at his present place”

………Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

Photo Fun
Dumpr – Photo Fun

Dedicating this post to the celebration of Women during the Month of March!   Ladies we all must remember that Duafe is a special thing !  We know that being a woman is so much more than wearing a skirt or curing our hair!   As women  God has given us very special gifts!  We nurture  the world and make it beautiful in sooo many ways…..THIS is OUR POWER!  Remember that anything that interferes with your ability to nurture self and those you cherish ……it is wrong!   Stay positive, peaceful and beautiful!

Are you planning anything special this month to celebrate women?  I would love to hear about it ….pls share here!

Also – Get your own copy of this Sisters design here –>


February is the month we have designated to celebrate the rich history of people of African descent in United States.  At Kiarablu we celebrate this rich history all year long.   I would like to offer a few of our afrocentric designs.   These are created to offer our fantastic customers the opportunity to express their love and  respect for the beautiful continent of AFRICA!   Enjoy and please let us know your favorites !




celebrate Black history month - Sankofa

Sankofa t-shirt desigN






Afrocentric tee design

Afrocentric - Africa center of all





Embroidered Tribal Africa design

Embroidered Tribal Africa design




Adinkra symbol that represents Patience and Tolerence

Akoma represents tolerance and Patience

Akoma is the beautiful  Adinkra symbol that represents tolerance and patience.   The United Nations has declared 2011 the International Year of Peoples of African Descent.   This is a call to countries around the world to focus on the historical,  social, economic, civil and political   contributions of People of African Descent to their nation.  The major focus of the UN is to strengthen national actions and regional and international cooperation for the benefit of people of African descent.   The {UN}  General Assembly is  encouraging Member States and  specialized agencies of the United Nations  to make preparations for and identify possible initiatives that can contribute to the success of the Year.

This history making proclamation from the United Nations will go a LONG way to moving the ball forward in creating a more tolerant world!  Take a look at the  official proclamations  by the United Nations below.

UN Proclamation of 2011 as The Year of People of African Descent

As we remember the life and work of  Dr. Martin Luther King,  I wonder what he would think about this proclamation.  I believe he would see it as a beautiful step forward to the peaceful world he dreamed of.  He knew that if each of us reached out just a little further and showed “AKOMA” to another, the world would be a lot better.

So take a minute today and think about how you can reach out with AKOMA!

peace and blessings

Let me know what you are doing to share AKOMA  today!


Adinkra symbol that reprents beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe

Recently I have enjoyed surfing the web looking for unique and culturally expressive Christmas gifts!  Wanted to take some time  to share some Adinkra Love  with these offerings  of  afrocentric beauty I have discovered.  I think you will find them to be wonderful expressions of  Duafe as I did!  Hope you enjoy!  If you have some examples of Christmas Duafe PLEASE share them with me below!

One of my first Duafe finds was over at Spoonflower where kkitwana has a wonderful collection of  African inspired fabrics!

Duafe for your Christmas Stocking

Adinkra Bandanas by KKitwana

I was so excited to find her Sankofa bandana fabric. I  plan to create several of these for my daughter as Kwanzaa gifts….what a perfect gift for my lil princess!  I am even more excited because Kkitwana has an amazing array of fabrics she has designed.  Drop over to her fabric shop on Spoonflower and see for yourself.  If you love fabric, love to sew, craft or create this IS the place to visit!!

If you are looking for a ‘lil duafe for your crowning beauty then you must visit TomokasTwists!
This site is full of beautifully designed hair adornments. Tomokas collection includes hair twist, hair sticks, hair clips, hair bands

Duafe for your Christmas Stocking

Hair Twist and earring set from Tomokas Twists

and more. I fell in love with several hair twists that had matching earrings…..perfect for this busy mama! Right now is a great time to shop because she has free shipping on orders over $25. Fill up your sisters and best friends Christmas Stockings with this duafe….be sure to pick up a couple for yourself too!

Speaking of Christmas Stockings……I came across the cutest Christmas Stockings over at Tea Cake Kids! This site features  clothing and accessories for children of color. The owner, Jonquil Akhir,  has designed her products to promote positive images for African-American children.   Her Christmas stocking will add to the duafe of the season for sure!

Duafe Christmas Stocking