A to Z Blogging Challenge

A to Z Blogging Challenge

Today is  the beginning of my A to Z Challenge Adventure part 2!!  I can’t believe it but I am going to join the blogging fun again.   My apologies to you for not  giving any updates here for so long but  my life as mother wife and more has been unrelenting lately.  But I have missed my blogging moments and have decided to use the A to Z challenge as a  wonderful opportunity to rededicate myself to the primary focus here   Ananse Adventures ….. Ananse is the Adinkra symbol for Creativity.  I hope to be tremendously inspired as I reach out creatively throughout this Challenge and the rest of the year.  

So stay tuned for more Ananse Adventures right here in the Mocha Life !!


Ananse is the Adinkra symbol for creativity and wisdom

Ananse is the Adinkra symbol for creativity and wisdom



Adinkra symbol that reprents beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe

The Adinkra symbol Duafe represents beauty and desirable feminine qualities.   Black Girls  Run is a national organization that is helping African-American women to develop  these positive qualities through running.  The founders of this fantastic organization are encouraging Black women to focus on making fitness and healthy living a priority.  Black women in the US have an extremely high rate of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.  Exercise and healthy diet changes are two  important areas that this organization is helping women to improve thus leading to lower obesity and poor health.  The Black Girls Run Website offers running resources, local contacts for BGR, great healthy recipes, “runspiration”  and so much more! It is truly a wonderful place for women just starting out in their running adventures and those who have an established “track” record! I applaud the ladies participating in these healthy endeavors for expressing their Duafe power!   Strong work girls – keep up the great work!

Running Shoes

Running Shoes photo by Josiah Mackenzie via Creative Commons Licence

Sankofa Tie Dye design from KiaraBlu

Sankofa Tie Dye t-shirt design from KiaraBlu

Here is a link to our great screen printed Sankofa Design over at KiaraBlu!

Perfect to start out March dedicated to the study of Women’s history!
If Pink is not your favorite color, no worries – you can get this design in Black, Baby Blue, Spider Red and Navy.

hope you enjoy!

Teach Peace

September 15, 2009



Next week will be the 27th celebration of  International Day of Peace- Sept 21, 2009. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to impress upon the youth of the world the benefits of PEACE. If we work with the young impressionable minds of our young peple we CAN change the world! Working towards a peaceful world is something that starts at home. Giving our youth the tools to maintain a peaceful state of mind is a  very important life lession. Look for my upcoming post on ideas that you can engage in with the youth in your life.
To celebrate this day of peace we can all engage in activites to encourage peace in our homes, communities,
our nation and the world.
The concept of peace is one that is seen around the world in most countries, cultures and faiths.

The Adinkra symbol of reconciliation, peacemaking and pacification is MPATAPO.  The symbol is a bond or knot that binds parties in a dispute to a peaceful harmonious reconciliation.   I see it as a representation that when we are in dispute with another individual we are “tied  together” It is  the responsibility of each party in the dispute to FIND PEACE together.   If we all actively search for  where we can engage in peaceful actions  then the world WILL be a much more beautiful place.

Be sure to give the world some peace not only on Sept 21, 2009 but every day!!