global new born conferenceHere in the US we are blessed with many places mothers can take their children for  maternal education, immunizations and care.  Around the globe  many mothers are not so fortunate.   There are many global initiatives to help change this situation and improve the health of babies thus giving them a strong start in life.   The upcoming Global  Newborn Health Conference in South Africa is a wonderful event that will offer NGO’s, researchers and health experts the opportunity to come together.  Through their collaborative work they will develop programs that will positively impact newborn health around the globe.   The conference will challenge these experts to answer the questions  “Why are so many newborns in the poorest countries dying? And what can we do as a global community to save them?”

UN Photo/Albert González Farran

 I encourage you to  join me in spreading the word about this important event on April 15 -18 in Johannesburg, South Africa  You can follow these organizations on Twitter for conference updates.  You can also follow Dr. Gary Darmstadt (@gdarmsta),    on Twitter.  He is the  Director of the Family Health Division of the Gates Foundation and will be tweeting daily “Did You Know?” facts about newborn health



UN Photo/Fardin Waezi

UN Photo/Fardin Waezi



A to Z Blogging Challenge

A to Z Blogging Challenge

Today is  the beginning of my A to Z Challenge Adventure part 2!!  I can’t believe it but I am going to join the blogging fun again.   My apologies to you for not  giving any updates here for so long but  my life as mother wife and more has been unrelenting lately.  But I have missed my blogging moments and have decided to use the A to Z challenge as a  wonderful opportunity to rededicate myself to the primary focus here   Ananse Adventures ….. Ananse is the Adinkra symbol for Creativity.  I hope to be tremendously inspired as I reach out creatively throughout this Challenge and the rest of the year.  

So stay tuned for more Ananse Adventures right here in the Mocha Life !!


Ananse is the Adinkra symbol for creativity and wisdom

Ananse is the Adinkra symbol for creativity and wisdom



Creativity is a huge part of our family life .  From the

Adinkra Symbol Ananse NTONTAN

Ananse represents creativity

tallest to the smallest, we are always working to add our own unique spin on EVERYTHING!!  It is not uncommon to hear someone walking through the house announcing “I have a great idea….you are gonna LOVE this!!”  It is just what we do and I am truly happy to be raising two creative children.

My creativity always extends into the kitchen too.   Finding new items to  cook  or new ways to prepare a food we love makes me quite happy.

I have never been a fan of American sweet potatoes ( I know that is hard to believe!) so when my friend offered me her Caribbean version several years ago I was hesitant to accept.  Being a true friend she encouraged me to try them ….”they are much better than the ones you are used to” she offered.  And to my surprise they were DELICIOUS!!   I fell in love with the Boniato.  This funny looking potato is sometimes called a Caribbean sweet potato , tropical sweet potato or Cuban sweet potato.  It  is so pleasant and sweet that I am always trying to find new ways to cook with them.

Cuban sweet potato

Boniato potatoes have a unique appearance

So here is an original recipe  developed for a potato contest I entered.   I am not really sure if it should be a dessert or side dish.  Let me know what you think please.    The Boniato can usually be found in  your local Hispanic or Caribbean grocery stores.

Sweet Potato Treasure Bites
3 medium  boniato  sweet potatoes, peeled 
1/3 c  sweetened condensed  milk 
2 tbsp butter 
2 Tbsp brown sugar
 1/8 tsp cinnamon
 Mini  marshmallows
 2/3 C cornflakes crumbs
 2 egg whites
 Canola oil 
Cover potatoes in water and boil   until tender.  Drain potatoes , 
return to pot  and cut into 2 inch chunks. Add milk and butter.  
 Mash until smooth.  Stir in brown sugar and cinnamon. Cover and
 place in refrigerator for 20-30 minutes to cool. Separate 2 eggs
 whites into a bowl. Place cornflake crumbs in shallow bowl.  
Set these two bowls aside.  Remove potato mixture from refrigerator.
 Using a round Tablespoon size measuring spoon scoop a full  portion
 of  potato mixture   Place  1 mini marshmallow into center of 
scooped potato . Roll  potato mixture around marshmallow forming 
a ball.  Roll balls in egg white then in cornflake crumbs . Place 
on platter ready to be fried.
  In large skillet  heat ½ inch canola oil.  Add sweet potato balls,   fry until golden brown approximately 30 seconds to each side.  Remove with slotted spoon. Drain on paper towels.  Serve warm.

Do you have any adventures with cooking potatoes or yams?  Tell me about them please!

Inspired and I Love It!!

April 10, 2012

Symbol of Unity

Adinkra Symbol Nkonsonkonson reminds us to contribute to the community and therein lies great strength!!

Today’s post is a Love Note to all the visitors, posters, bloggers and Tweeters that have made the last week amazing!!  I entered this A to Z Challenge as a fun “new” activity.  I figured I would have a few new visitors to my blog, check out a couple of fellow A to Z Challenge Blogs and learn a wee bit more about blogging—-Boy was I WRONG!!  I don’t think I can accurately explain to you what an amazing 8 days it has been.  Truly a challenge to keep up with posting and all the duties of a Mom and wife  but also an incredibly inspiring experience.   The blogs I have visited have given me so many new perspectives on topics for blogging, themes and more.  Gaining a view into another bloggers world perspective has truly put me in awe…..and for this I say a BIG  THANK YOU.   I cannot tell you the number of times I have mention to my hubby “I am just loving this A to Z Challenge”  I even tried to get him to join in –maybe I will have better luck next year!

So here is to the next 18 post – Keep it coming folks and I promise to keep reading and doing my best to add a little inspiration for you too!    

Hope you enjoy this video of Stevie Wonders  

“I Just Called To Say I Love You”


A to Z Blogging ChallengeToday begins my writing journey in the A to Z blogging Challenge for April 2012. I invite you to join me each day as I develop entries with the a new “theme” letter progressing thru the alphabet to Z.. As always I will also be writing about the topics thru the lens of the Adinkra symbols.

Akofena is the Adinkra symbol that represents courage and valor. As we walk thru the tragic unfolding story

Adinkra symbol of courage and valor

Akofena Adinkra Symbol

of Trayvon Martin I see this as the new vision we must embrace. We all must have the courage to standup for the youth of our society, protect them and insist that those in power do right by them. I applaud those who  are standing in the concept of Akofena with hoodies and showing support for Trayvons parents and family.

Currently we can find so many areas in modern society that require a higher level of attention because innocent children are being harmed. There seems to be less and less regard for proper education in our schools, nutritional standards are steadily falling and children’s programing has been infused with violence and sexual overtones. Across the globe there is a lack of clean water, girls are denied education, children sold as sex slaves. and more. These are just a few of the topics that require us to wave a flag with Akofena. It is time for parents and community leaders to stand boldly in defense of youth.

So my challenge for you today is to identify where you can stand with Akofena for the youth in your life. Where do you think we need to stand boldly for the children?