Adinkra Cakes

April 3, 2012

C is for Cake and that good enough for me!  With wedding season approaching I  decided to share some beautiful cakes that  I have come across on the web!  What is so wonderful about including Adinkra symbols on your wedding cake is that the symbols each have meaning so you can choose the several that are true expressions of the couple!

Some of the common symbols used for weddings include:

Adinkra symbol of faith and trust in GodNYAME NTI which represents by Gods Grace – it is a symbol of trust and faith in God




adinkra symbol of love faithfulness and harmonyOSRAM NE NSOROMMAThe moon and the star which  is a symbol of love, faithfulness and harmony.

Adinkra symbol for tolernce and patienceAKOMA – the heart – symbol of patience and tolerence

Adinkra Cake Jollye

adinkra symbols wedding cake

And here are two lovely Birthday Cakes highlighting Adinkra symbols!

This is why I love the symbols so much – each has great significance and speaks to us beautifully and boldly!

Includes Gye Nyame and Osram Ne Nsoromma

Adinkra Birthday Cake by Pona

Gye Nyame Adinkra symbol reprents omnipitence of God

Gye Nyame cake by Elsi Aikens


Here is a beautiful  video featuring Nigerian weddings .  The beauty of the Brides and Grooms featured in this video makes you smile as each new picture appears!   It is so wonderful to note how each couple has cultural highlights for their special day!   Hope you enjoy this as much as I have.  

Afrocentric wedding Dress by Therez Fleetwood

This beautiful Gown for the Afrocentric Bride!

Here is a link:

Adinkra symbols can be incorporated into your wedding designs.  These symbols can be used in many ways throughout your wedding theme.  Here is a wedding cake that I came across which I think offers wonderful inspiration and showcases the beauty of Adinkra symbols! This beautiful cake was created by Bread Stuy  Cafe of NY 

Adinkra wedding inspiration

A beautiful expression of Adinkra

Adinkra Nuptials

May 2, 2009

As we head into the Spring and Summer months our minds  turn naturally to weddings.

Weddings are a wonderful place to display symbols of heritage and culture!!

Here is a link to a beautiful custom wedding ring designed for a couple using Adinkra symbol and an Anhk

Did you use any cultural or Adinkra symbols in your wedding or reception.  I would love to learn about what others have done to  bring  African culture into their special day!!