Adinkra symbol that represents Patience and Tolerence

Akoma represents tolerance and Patience

Akoma is the beautiful  Adinkra symbol that represents tolerance and patience.   The United Nations has declared 2011 the International Year of Peoples of African Descent.   This is a call to countries around the world to focus on the historical,  social, economic, civil and political   contributions of People of African Descent to their nation.  The major focus of the UN is to strengthen national actions and regional and international cooperation for the benefit of people of African descent.   The {UN}  General Assembly is  encouraging Member States and  specialized agencies of the United Nations  to make preparations for and identify possible initiatives that can contribute to the success of the Year.

This history making proclamation from the United Nations will go a LONG way to moving the ball forward in creating a more tolerant world!  Take a look at the  official proclamations  by the United Nations below.

UN Proclamation of 2011 as The Year of People of African Descent

As we remember the life and work of  Dr. Martin Luther King,  I wonder what he would think about this proclamation.  I believe he would see it as a beautiful step forward to the peaceful world he dreamed of.  He knew that if each of us reached out just a little further and showed “AKOMA” to another, the world would be a lot better.

So take a minute today and think about how you can reach out with AKOMA!

peace and blessings

Let me know what you are doing to share AKOMA  today!


Adinkra symbols can be incorporated into your wedding designs.  These symbols can be used in many ways throughout your wedding theme.  Here is a wedding cake that I came across which I think offers wonderful inspiration and showcases the beauty of Adinkra symbols! This beautiful cake was created by Bread Stuy  Cafe of NY 

Adinkra wedding inspiration

A beautiful expression of Adinkra

On April 22 across our country and around the world, people will be celebrating Earth Day!   Did you know that the Akan celebrated the providence of Mother Earth?

 Adinkra symbol - The Earth Has Weight

Asase Ye Dura The Earth Has Weight

The Adinkra symbol Asase Ye Duru represents the providence and divinity of the Earth.  This symbol represents the importance of the Earth sustaining life.   I think it is amazing that this was such an important concept for this African  people  that  they created a written symbol to convey the message:  The Earth HAS weight!!

Today we all must grasp this thought and do all we can each and every day to show respect for Mother Earth.   When we put these efforts  together ,they create  a huge  positive impact and help to create a better future!  Just think…..the Akan knew this and worked toward the  positive future we know as the present!

Have a wonderful Earth Day and do something for MOTHER EARTH!!

The Adinkra symbol Duafe represents beauty and cleanliness. These are said to be desirable feminine qualities. The adinkra symbol is also said to be symbolic of goodness, love and care. I think the Akan people realized the value of a feminine view of the world…..that it is important and necessary! Women add beauty to our world in a very special way. I believe it is imperative for modern women of ALL cultures to emphasis this and teach it to the next generation. In a world where women can do just about anything, we have to remember that being a woman IS special and different and that we bring a unique energy to the table!
As we take this month to recognize Women’s History we must be sure to look at the special energy that we offer our husbands, parents, children, friends and the world.

Reach out and Celebrate your Duafe…Your beauty is SPECIAL!

Adinkra symbol Duafe

Strong Brothers in 1960

This month is a great time to rededicate yourself to learning something new about your history! I try to find a black history fact, historical figure or event that I don’t know much about and learn more…..become an expert on the topic. With the web at our disposal we can do so much more now!

I just learned about the new Civil Rights Center and Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina!  This museum is dedicated to educating the public about the lunch counter sitin that occurred in this city February 1st 1960 and the brave young North Carolina A&T students that conducted it!


This year marks the 50th  Anniversary of this historical event. Be sure to stop by the site and check out the wonderful historic pictures!! I hope to visit the museum in a couple of weeks…teach my children about the struggle that occured which allows them to have the “freedom” they enjoy!

The International Civil Rights Center and Museum is open Tue thru Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday 1pm to 5pm.
It would be great to get a nice size group together to visit!

I will be sure to share pictures when we go!
Ok, now it is your turn…..Sankofa……what will you find?




Sankofa Stream

February 6, 2010

sankofa  means return and fetch it!

Sankofa means Return and Fetch it!

Get ready, here it comes….your Sankofa Stream………Ways to Go Back and retrieve YOUR Black History!

This month is all about owning YOUR history…..we must reclaim what is ours so that the same mistakes CANNOT be made again

More tomorrow!



January 26, 2010

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Hello world!

October 9, 2008

Yes  HELLO WORLD!!    I am writing today with a beautiful sense of history.   I have created adinkra love

to increase current awareness about the beautiful traditional Ghanan symbols.   I will use this space to

share  all things ADINKRA!!   Please share anything adinkra  that you currently have or come across.

My next post will include some basic symbols and their meanings.

peace and blessings