Freedom I See!

June 20, 2012

Freedom is What I see


I am learning to live free

Living and learning all the meanings of me

As I grow and find inner peace

Stress,  anxiety all making a decrease

I’m Lookin’ inside

 And Gaining a new pride!!


On the path 2 find truth in MY universe

Can’t look back, gotta remove reverse


’cause there IS hope yes light up ahead

Finding beautiful Grace is where I am led.


The United States  has  elected a President of African descent —-

There are no longer laws  that confine or restrict the places  where African-Americans can go……

so many people ask the question……”Why do we need Black History Month”?

Represents strength

Adinkra symbol Wawa Aba

I believe we MUST continue to remember, celebrate and pass on the legacy of resilience that Africans  in American have lived.   Understanding the difficult past of our African ancestors and how they stood strong, believed in God for their freedom and never gave up is extremely important as we look to the future.   Our children need to understand that they are free because their ancestors NEVER gave up or gave in. Despite the evidence of any chance that things would change …….they continued on with the belief that if not their children, then their children’s children or great-grandchildren WOULD BE FREE!   And here we are …….their beliefs realized… beautiful!!!

The Adinkra symbol WAWA ABA  means seed of a wawa tree and represents hardiness, toughness and perseverance.   Black history month is a salute to our ancestors who kept these principles in their heart and minds.   We have to continue the walk ….standing just as tall and strong!   Celebrate Black history month this year with a vision of Wawa

Wawa Aba -show your strength

Wawa Aba embroidered cap from Kiarablu

Be Strong…….Be Proud…….Always Remember!

We are celebrating at KiaraBlu!  Today is the beginning of a new season at KiaraBlu!  We are excited to  have our first Sankofa Saturday! This is a program we have developed to support non-profit organizations within the African Diaspora that are supporting  the community in a positive way!  The Sankofa  Adinkra symbol represents returning to obtain what we left behind.   Sankofa Saturdays will give us all an opportunity to UNITE in support of our own community……a concept that needs to be revived! We  will donate proceeds from certain products to the organizations identified for that weekend!

Today is our first Sankofa Saturday Sale!  We have connected with Central Apostolic Faith Mission (CAFM) to support their Youth Conference!  The Youth Dept at  this  church supports and educates youth in the Charlotte Metro Area.  The ministry is dedicated to providing youth with a positive, supportive and encouraging Christian environment where they can grow  and develop into  productive adults, that will positively influence the community.   Some of the youth activities at CAFM include princesses of Love, monthly Male Symposium, annual cultural education trips and  liturgical dance.   The Youth Conference being held this weekend is offering the kids information they can use as they return to school to stay focused on their faith and education.   The goal continues to be to offer them practical faith-based information that they can apply in their day-to-day activities!

Help us to support the community!  The Sankofa tee shirts and Wawa Aba knit cap will be the products featured  for this Sankofa Saturday!

And don’t forget  use coupon code strength10 to recieve 10% discount  — Aug 28 and 29 only

Available in Blue and Black

Wawa Aba -symbol of strength and toughness

Where everybody is somebody and Jesus Christ is Lord

Youth Conference Aug 28 and 29

Teach Peace

September 15, 2009



Next week will be the 27th celebration of  International Day of Peace- Sept 21, 2009. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to impress upon the youth of the world the benefits of PEACE. If we work with the young impressionable minds of our young peple we CAN change the world! Working towards a peaceful world is something that starts at home. Giving our youth the tools to maintain a peaceful state of mind is a  very important life lession. Look for my upcoming post on ideas that you can engage in with the youth in your life.
To celebrate this day of peace we can all engage in activites to encourage peace in our homes, communities,
our nation and the world.
The concept of peace is one that is seen around the world in most countries, cultures and faiths.

The Adinkra symbol of reconciliation, peacemaking and pacification is MPATAPO.  The symbol is a bond or knot that binds parties in a dispute to a peaceful harmonious reconciliation.   I see it as a representation that when we are in dispute with another individual we are “tied  together” It is  the responsibility of each party in the dispute to FIND PEACE together.   If we all actively search for  where we can engage in peaceful actions  then the world WILL be a much more beautiful place.

Be sure to give the world some peace not only on Sept 21, 2009 but every day!!

I fear none except God

Gye Nyame

With all the celebration around the world over the election of our 44th president I am truly reminded of this song!!  It is  on the wings of  our forefathers and mothers  deep faith that we come to this point.  Faith in the Lord, faith in His promise of a   bright and beautiful future!!  We could not see that this wonderful day was so close!!  But our Creator KNEW!!

The adinkra symbol  Gye Nyame  represents the omnipotence of God!!  This reminds us that  the power of God has been with us for OH SO LONG…and it will continue on FOREVER!!   I pray for blessings for our 44th President of the USA  and all of Gods warriors around the world!!

Hello world!

October 9, 2008

Yes  HELLO WORLD!!    I am writing today with a beautiful sense of history.   I have created adinkra love

to increase current awareness about the beautiful traditional Ghanan symbols.   I will use this space to

share  all things ADINKRA!!   Please share anything adinkra  that you currently have or come across.

My next post will include some basic symbols and their meanings.

peace and blessings