Happy Kwanzaa 2011!!

December 26, 2011

Sending warm wishes for 7 days of

 beautiful family and community


Happy Kwanzaa!!




October is the month  designated to celebrate the rich history of people of African descent in The United Kingdom.  At Kiarablu we celebrate this rich history all year long.   I would like to offer a few of our afrocentric designs.   These are created to offer our fantastic customers the opportunity to express their love and  respect for the beautiful continent of AFRICA!   Enjoy and please let us know your favorites !


Adinkra symbol Duafe represents Beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe from Ghana West Africa

Afrocentric tee design

Afrocentric - Africa center of all

UK black history month

October is Black History month

Adinkra symbol Sankofa

Adinkra symbol Sankofa - Return & Get what you left behind

October is Black History Month in the United Kingdom!   I just learned last year that our UK Brothers and Sisters do not celebrate their season of Sankofa during the same month as we do here in the United States.   This news is VERY exciting to me because I have “discovered” another area to research in Black History ( as if I don’t have a WIDE field here in the US!)

Learning about Black History UK has been such a beautiful discovory……many facts I did not know about. (be sure to follow our twitter timeline for more @kiarablu)  The video I have included below is a wonderful interview with Mia Morris.  She is the founder of Black-History-Month.co.uk – a web site devoted to Black History in the United Kingdom.   This fantastic site is a treasure trove of historical information from past and modern times.   Be sure to hop over for a visit.    

If you are celebrating the month of October as Black History month PLEASE leave us a note about your event, family time, teaching or artistic expressions.   Links are VERY welcome so that I can learn MORE!! 

Sending beautiful Sankofa wishes to all the beautiful

ppl celebrating their amazing history this

month in the United Kingdom!

Adinkra symbol for reconciliation and peacemaking

Mpatapo is the Adinkra symbol that represents peacemaking

September 21 is the International Day of Peace. We all are encouraged to promote world peace both locally and internationally. There are many things we  can do individually  to support the PEACE movement.

Engaging with children and providing them with activities to express their wishes of peace is one of the most powerful means to promote peace. If the next generation understands that they have the power to make peace happen then they will actively work to create a peaceful world.

Youth Art Work during Chalk4Peace Event

Chalk4Peace Art Work

One of the organizations that offers us a unique and  creative way to express our thoughts of peace is Chalk4Peace. This is a global art project for youth using sidewalks and chalk! This is a simple concept that is so POWERFUL! Chalk4Peace are events held around the world to offer youth the opportunity to creatively express their visions of peace. The children are able to proudly show off their beautiful creations to the world. This positive expression will be a part of their understanding of how important their view is.

Please drop over to visit the Chalk4Peace blog to list or find a Chalk4Peace event! Then be sure to share your beautiful creation here with me!

Take a moment to pray for peace today — then go out and make Mpatapo happen!

Celebrate Natural Hair Duafe

Natural Hair Parade & Fesitaval Sept 3rd

Did you hear- Sept 3rd is the date  – Dallas is the place – Our Nations 1st Natural Hair Parade and Festival  WHOO HOO!  This is a beautiful event that is just making me smile from ear to ear!   ERYKAH BADU & INSTITUTE OF ANCESTRAL BRAIDING  have joined forces and are sponsoring a Parade to celebrate natural hair beauty on Sept 3rd – Labor Day.  They picked this day because it is a Labor of Love (so sweet)  I am just so excited to hear about this amazing expression of Duafe.  I wish I could be there to join in the warm and beautiful vibes  that are sure to be in the air  during the parade and festival!  If you live in the Dallas, Texas metro area I encourage you to join this Duafe Celebration.   One of the  goals of this event is to offer the community  an opportunity to come together in a positive and uplifting environment.  Local groups, churches and businesses are encouraged to participate.   Be sure to check out the video below from Ms Isis.  It is due to her dedication to continuing to broaden the horizons in natural hair care that this celebration is available to us!   I salute Isis and the amazing Ms Badu for bringing this opportunity to the people!

Are you planning to attend?  Please share your pictures and stories with me – right here!  If you tweet about the parade or festival pleass connect with me via twitter @kiarablu  or link up with me via Facebook  (Kiarablu)

Isis and Erykah  I wish you a beautiful day that exceeds ALL your Duafe dreams!  peace and love -Jaelma

Adinkra symbol that reprents beauty

Adinkra symbol Duafe means beauty




Pictures from the parade!

via @naturallyisis Twitter page

At the Natural Hair Parade Sept 3

Out of Print Books

Out of Print Books on T-shirts

Out of Print Clothing company is currently offering a wonderful way to bring books to children in Africa.  During the week of August 8th through August 14th they will donate one book for each new Twitter follow (@OutofPrintTees) and each new FaceBook Like.The donated books will go  to an African community in need.  The company has partnered with Books for Africa to identify and connect with communities in Africa’  Please take a moment to support this fantastic effort and be sure to share the information this week with your “peeps”  

If you are already a friend of Out of Print books be sure to stop by and check out their fantastic line of unique t-shirts.  You can also support Books for Africa with the purchase of a t-shirt.  Since 1988 this organization has sent over 22 million books to African communities in need. Their mission is to end the book famine on the African continent – What a great thought!

Books for Africa
Support Literacy in Africa


Martin Luther King Day MLK

January 12, 2010

Dr King 1964  Nobel Peace Prize

What a great man!


I have been concerned for quite a few years that MLK Day has not developed into a more productive day than it has
It seems many people have come to see it as just another day off.
I remember when it first became a national holiday…it felt sooooo GOOD to gather together and honor this GREAT man and all that he sacraficed for our people. He gave us soooo much. It seemed there were so many programs you had to pick which to attend and read about the others in the local African-American newspaper.  I remember my days at  Hampton University marching  to the campus chapel…what great days ….we felt so positive about having this holiday…..the whole country was going to honor Dr. King! 

Now it seems there are not so many programs , not many folks talking about the struggle or Dr King’s contributions. I have been searching for  a meaningful way to celebrate Dr Kings legacy…….Recently I stumbled upon a way to do just that!
 I am not the only one who feels we should be doing more on this day. 

You can find a volunteer project in your local community and offer service on MLK Day!!    The Corportation for National and Community Service has a database of service projects you can join in your local community !
This is a wonderful way to promote a sense of community and connection!  And as we work togther we can get to know one another, find the peace and harmony that Dr King believed in.  Take your kids, youth group, neighbors and friends and make a positive differecence on MLK Day.   Check out this awesome opportunity (link to the right)….plug in your zipcode and find a service project in your community.  So easy…..technology is amazing…..we can use it to connect and make our community a better place! 

Can you believe that there is an Adinkra symbol that represents this concept? 


“Help me and let me help you” 

We can learn this lesson of many years from the AKAN people ……..the concept of community is vey important!  We MUST work together to help one another.   So long ago…. the Akan thought the concept of reaching out to help a brother or sister was important enough to develp a written symbol…and remember that the tradition of passing things down orally was the norm……but this was one concept that  must have stood out……maybe they thought that it helped to have a visual reminder in support of comunity. 

  Have a beautiful MLK Day! 


Remember this great man   and remind others of how much he gave to our community
To find  the service and community projects in your area  check out the link to the right ……
  Let me know what you get done in your community!