ZoomDo …….Adinkra Craft

May 1, 2012

Ok so here we are at the end and I had a really hard time with Z!!!   So I leave you with a ZoomDo – a  craft to create your very own Adinkra t-shirt to sport this summer.   It is a pretty simple activity and over at PBS kids they have instructions for creating a  an Adinkra stamp and then use fabric paint to design your t-shirt.    The design process can be used for other creative projects like wall art.    Enjoy!!



Adinkra t-shirt craft

Zoom Do


One Response to “ZoomDo …….Adinkra Craft”

  1. MadlabPost Says:

    I like that Adinkra craft activty! It’s so cute and a nice way to honor traditions of the the people of Ghana. The designs make for a lovely T-shirt.

    Blog: The Madlab Post
    @MadlabPost on Twitter

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