X Marks the Spot – Maps of the World!

April 29, 2012


africa (Photo credit: qudsiya k)

The letter X was the hardest letter to find a topic to post about ….all I could think about was X marks the spot.  This is because my children love hiding and hunting for items…..detctive games and archeology adventures abound here.   Lots of sneaky, peaky walking and giggles abound!  Maps are truly part of our households idea of fun!

We have been studying the map of Africa during our Africa School lessons.   I think it is important for my children to understand that Africa is not a country!  Our first lesson was to study the five regions.  We colored and “puzzled” together the entire continent.  Our last lesson was about the Northern part of the continent.  We have idetified all the countries in North Africa and  the next session will be to create and label a pin map.

There is a wonderful site called Mega Maps  which  offers maps of the world availble for  download. The site offers visitors the option of creating maps of any size from 1 page to 7 ft across.   They are great to  use for teaching the children in your life about world geography.  Helping them to understand the many countries of the world and where they are located expands the world view of youth.   One great hands on activity my children loved was to  take the African map  – cut each region apart and glue them back together.  This can be done for all the contients and put into a goeography book for them to review and enjoy.  

 Teach the Children about the world

A Unique Map of Africa Design


3 Responses to “X Marks the Spot – Maps of the World!”

  1. fikilemw Says:

    Hello, How are you today?
    Have you heard of the Xhosa of South Africa? They are the second largest tribe in South Africa. Nelson Mandela is a Xhosa ~ so X could Be Xhosa.

  2. What a great idea. Just catching up. it’s been a great month. I’ve enjoyed your posts and have learnt lots thankyou. There were no x words that fitted my theme, so I went for xxxxxxxxxx (lots of love!)

    • Jaelma Says:

      Oh that was so sweet! I have to catch up myself….I was under the weather so I really had a hard time but I loved doing the challenge and I am looking forward to next year!

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