A Reading Culture

April 25, 2012

Several months ago I visited the blog Puddles in Africa by Christine.  I was  so happy to read about the beautiful journey she experienced thru the  introduction of   books to her daughter Eva. Christine  also  introduced me to the organization  Ethiopia Reads.   This fantastic group is working to bring reading culture to the youth in the  East African nation of Ethiopia.  Providing these children with an education offers them the opportunity to positively change  the direction of their future.  This will allow them to contribute and positively impact their local communities.   Ethiopia Reads offers the mission goal of connecting children of Ethiopia with books through the  planting libraries  with appropriate reading and training materials for students and educators.  They believe  “Those who read…..bloom”   I whole heartedly agree!! 


Ethiopia Reads

Ethiopia Reads  has established several ways to support and help these children “bloom” thru reading.   I challenge all of my Adinkra Love readers and visitors to find a way to support this group.  Community groups can become a Friend of Ethiopia Reads Partner.  Use the   20 ways to support Ethiopia Reads List for  group activities   that will  promote and support  the planting of  libraries.   All donations to the organization are Tax Deductable….be sure to look at the list of how far the donated dollars go here.    This is truly an example of  how a little can go a looonnngg way.   A third way to support this organization  would be  to purchase one of the beautiful books for sale on their website.  Several of the titles are autographed by the author.

by Jane Kurtz

Saba- Under Hyenas Foot

 Are you working with any organizations that promote reading??   I believe if we all  work to  find ways to make a  positive difference for the next generation we will be happy with the beautiful world that it is sure to be!!


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