Nice Hair

April 18, 2012

This blog post is dedicated to all the little girls with curly hair. As mom to a young girl of African descent I have had many discussions about hair.  When she first went to school, my daughter soon began asking questions about blonde and straight hair.  We talked at length about the differences between her best friends hair (blonde, straight , unbraided) and her hair ( curly, black and braided).  I have always taught her that hair comes in many, many varieties.  This fact means that there are many different ways people will style their hair.   My daughter can now admire many different styles without any envy that her hair is not exactly the same.  This makes me happy.

Fashion Doll - Pre Afro treatment

Fashion Doll selected to recieve an Afro

 Last year I came across a great article about creating an Afro  for Barbie.  I was pleasantly surprised because I have never seen a fashion doll with really curly hair.  Even way back when in the ’60s when Afros where high fashion in the African-American community.   (Yes I was the little girl way back then LOL)

The “hair prep”  steps needed for this Afro creation were pretty simple….twirl the hair, curl it up on pipe cleaners and dip in really hot water.


Pipe cleaner sor curlers!

The make over begins

When I posed this project to my fashion doll  lovin’ daughter she jumped  for joy -” Yes” she squealed to my delight.     So together we worked to twist up the doll’s  hair and curled it on pipe cleaners.  It was a very bonding experience to teach my daughter to get the twists  nice and smooth.  “Girl stuff” my husband noted — To which my dear daughter smiled and said Yes it is!! ( Gotta love the Girl Power there)

We were able to complete the style but we did not get a true Afro – maybe because her hair was so long.  My daughter loves the increased texture so all is well in the land of “lil Duafe”  which makes me smile and oh soooo happy to be in the mommy “hood”.

How have you explained hair differences to the little girls in your life?  Have you received questions or statements of  envy for another childs hair or styles?

Here is a link to the tutorial for how  give fashion dolls  an Afro

Barbie with an Afro

what you should get

5 Responses to “Nice Hair”

  1. BinoandFino Says:

    Reblogged this on Bino and Fino and commented:
    I love this. 🙂

  2. Yes indeed! My daughter attends an International school and she came home wanting smooth hair after her first few weeks. I’m glad she now knows that different people have different hair & skin color types and all are unique in their own way!

  3. Sabrina Says:

    Nice article, I too have faced the similar questions when my daughter started school…Shes the only girl in the class with afro hair and I showed her some barbies on the internet rocking an afro which she liked, its a shame afro barbies are so hard to purchase…thank you for the tips on hair styling barbie 🙂 and if anyone knows any good websites that sell multicultural barbies please let me know.

    • Jaelma Says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sabrina! We must all continue to teach our girls about their amazing Duafe – I will keep my eye out for multicultural barbies and be sure to let you know if I come across any.
      Wishing you and your family all the best this Holiday season.

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