Handmade Adinkra Books for Children

April 9, 2012

As we come to the next stop in the A to Z Blogging Challenge I have decided to look at Handmade books for the letter H.

Artist Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord has an awesome site MakingBooks.com where she offers lots of great information about a variety of ways to work with children and teach them how to make their own books.   Designing and creating a book can be a powerful experience for a child.  It shows them that they can not only be readers but also writers of books!  And we all know there can NOT be too many good writers in the world!!  As mom to a growing little writer I am constantly looking for new ways to encourage my daughters  writing activities.   We have not tried any of  Susan’s projects but it is definitely on my list of  weekend “to-do’s”. 

Of course when I spied the Adinkra symbol book I was very excited!  Here is a picture of the completed project and I have linked it to instructions for the project on one of Susan’s blogs!

Adinkra Accordion book

Adinkra Accordion Book from MakingBooks.com

Be sure to stop by MakingBooks.com for instructions on how to make this great book and other great book projects.

Have you created any handmade books with children?  I would love to hear about the stories they’ve created!

Blogging A to Z Challenge


5 Responses to “Handmade Adinkra Books for Children”

  1. Damyanti Says:

    Lovely books for kids!

    —Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    • Jaelma Says:

      Yes I agree! Thanks for dropping by – I really appreciate it! The Challenge has been an amazing ++ inspiration for me here! I look forward to reading more!
      all the best

  2. Yes wonderful books. I like all of your posts especially the solar sisters. I’m learning a lot. Many thanks and good luck with the rest of the challenge.
    Lynne @lynneinPborough

  3. How pretty !!
    I’ve made simple things like cards with kids (i.e my nieces & nephews) but never tried making a book with them (although I have read more than my share of books out to them!)
    Thanks for sharing the link on how to make the book 🙂

    • Jaelma Says:

      I am sure your nieces and nephews will love this project! We do a craft project each month with Africa School so I am saving this one for when we study Ghana! Thanks for stopping by – Continued success with the Challenge!

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