G is for Good Education for Girls in Africa

April 9, 2012

In many parts of the world education is not looked upon as something a girl needs to survive.  This is true in many countries on the African continent.   We know that without a proper education these children will be unable to participate in the modern world successfully.   Many people are familiar with the school built by Oprah Winfrey in South Africa to help address this issue but most are not working to find a way to offer support themselves to this issue.   I have come across several organizations working to positively change the statistics for girls education on the African continent.

World Education has  helped  girls in 12 African countries go to school through the Ambassador Girls’ Scholarship Program.  Last year they were able to assist 12,000 female students to attend classes.  The organization has also developed training for  local professional women who serve as mentors for students in the program. These local professionals guide and educate the girls s on the importance of education, HIV and AIDS awareness, reproductive health and community involvement.  The teachers happily are reporting improvement in the girl students  attendance and achievement level.   Success through this type of program  certainly offers the girls a much brighter future.  Visit the World Education website to find out more about how you can support their efforts:  www.worlded.org

Another organization that I found while surfing the net is Camfed.  Since 1993, this UK  Organization has fought poverty and AIDS by educating girls and empowering young women. Their programs have  assisted and educated  more than 1,451,600 children in  of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Ghana and Malawi.   Camfed uses a community-based, holistic approach to bring about change in these African nations.

What a better education can do

Better Education for Girls Makes a difference

For more information about how to help girls become educated through Camfed please visit their site: www.camfed.org

I also came across the IADT’s School in a Box program that is bringing innovative fresh ways to bring education to rural areas of Africa and India

Here is a video of their presentation to many of the African Ministers of Education

Have you been involved in any programs that help raise the education of girls around the world?  I would love to hear about them.  Please be sure to share a link here!

symbol of steadfastness, prudence and diligence

With continued hard work and diligence we can raise the education level of girls in Africa

OWO FORO ADOBE is the Adinkra symbol for steadfastness, prudence and diligence –  this is the attitude we must take to make a difference in the education of girls around the world!


I have recieved some great suggestions that I would like to add to this post.  

 The United Nations Girls  Education Initiativeworks to assist national governments  fulfill their responsibilities towards ensuring the right to education and gender equality for all children, girls and boys alike. This amazing organization promotes strategies that put the needs of the most disadvantaged, including girls and women, first in education policies, plans and budgets of the goverments they work with internationally.


4 Responses to “G is for Good Education for Girls in Africa”

  1. Susan Says:

    I truly believe that if you educate women, you educate the world. Educated women are healthier, have healthier families, have less children, make more money and have all around better opportunities. I believe that instead of dropping bombs a lot of the billions of dollars spent on wars in the middle east/Africa/Latin America should go to education. Great post. It is important for everyone to keep talking about this very important issue.

    • Jaelma Says:

      Susan – Thanks so much for dropping by Adinkra Love! I could not agree more – Educated women are truly an answer to many of our worlds current problems! There is nothing like “Girl Power” The boms are definitly the WRONG way to go! So we that know the TRUTH must keep speaking and working! Sending you a virtual “HigH Five” Sister!

  2. Faith Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing about this organization! We support a group that saves women and children from sex slavery (International Justice Mission), and of course they need education once they’ve been pulled from their situations. Educating women means educating a community, since women tend to be the ones who dispel information to their children, relatives, and other community members. 🙂

    • Jaelma Says:

      Oh Faith you are sooooo right – educating Mothers means the next generation will benefit at least two fold! I will take a visit to your organization – it sounds powerful! Continue your positive work– you are truly a Shero for these ladies!

      peace and blessings Sister!

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