Afrocentric Duafe – Kimono Style

November 19, 2011

I have always loved the beautiful fabrics that come from the continent of Africa.  Kente Cloth, Mud Cloth, Kuba Cloth and so much more .  Each has its own beautiful qualities and history to how it is made.   It is my dream to become a true collector of these beautiful woven fabrics and maybe one day travel the African continent to see the artisans in each country that make these fabrics.

While surfing the web recently  I came across the most unique use of African fabric that I have ever seen.  The designer  Serge Mouangue has developed a beautiful clothing line Wafrica featuring designs that have a Japanese flair  but are made with fabrics from the African continent.  Using this unique cultural combination this Cameroon born designer   has developed an amazing line of designs.  


Amazing Afrocentric Kimonos from Wafrica

To see more of Serge Mouangue’s work 



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