Sankofa Games

July 27, 2011

Sankofa is the Adinkra symbol that reminds us to return and get what was left behind.  I believe this is a powerful concept for those of us who are descendants of enslaved Africans. Our ancestors worked hard to pass on history and cultural traditions but unfortunately much was lost.   We all must work together to “find” and reclaim the  history  and traditions that were left behind.  

The Africa Memory Game is  a wonderful way to learn about the  beautiful continent of Africa.  It offers players an opportunity  to test and increase their knowledge of the African continent while “traveling” through different

African Memory Game

African Memory Game

regions answering questions.   The first player to reach the heart of Africa wins!   What a great way for families to spend time together enhancing their knowledge of Africa.  



Another game that I would recommend is Mancala or the African Rock game.  This is a traditional game from the African continent.  Two players challenge each other to empty their side of the board of stones.   This is a game that I have

Mancala - African stone game

Great Family Fun

played since childhood and recently pulled out for my children.  Many hot summer days were happily spent challenging my cousins again and again. What a nice feeling to pass on this traditional game to the next generation.  



Do you have a African centered or Traditional African game you love to play? Or maybe some great childhood memories  – Please share in the comment section below!


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