Better Biking with Bamboo in Africa-

July 2, 2011

Creating Sustainable transportation in Africa

The Adinkra symbol  Asase Ye Duru represents the concept of the life-sustaining power of our Mother Earth.   This beautiful symbol came to mind when I discovered the Bamboo Bike Project. This  great group  is working to create sustainable bikes from bamboo. The Bamboo Bike project is  the non profit organization composed of scientist and engineers from the Earth Institute @ Columbia University.  The group is working to develop sustainable bikes from locally grown bamboo in rural areas of Africa. The goals of this amazing project include building  a better bike for rural residents of the African continent and to stimulating  a bicycle building industry  to satisfy local socioeconomic, health, and transportation needs.

Why Bamboo bicycles you ask?  Well the bamboo bikes will allow residents of the continent to develop  this vital form of transportation locally.  Currently there are no bicycle manufactures on the continent yet there are approximately 30 million bikes imported…..I find this almost unbelievable!!   The bicycles will be created using locally grown bamboo creating a supply demand chain that is totally reliant on residents of the area…..funds are recycled and this  allows for local growth.   And although there is maintenance and import issues associated with some parts like tires, wheels and brakes the bamboo frame will not require maintainance.  This potentially makes the product cheaper and also decreases  the unsustainable products being brought into rural areas.


Asase Ye Duru

I encourage everyone to support this great group of folks working hard to improve conditions for our rural African Brothers and Sisters!  

Find out more about this GREAT project :


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