A salute to the Strength of Fathers

June 19, 2011

This post is dedicated to the amazing strength that fathers exhibit as they take care of their families. I have been blessed

WaWa Aba

Wawa Aba remembering strength of Fathers

with some wonderful examples of good fathers in my life – men who stood and cared for their families each day without complaint. I have seen my own Dad, my uncles and grandfather take care of their wives and children in that strong, quiet way fathers do. My husband has also been a truly wonderful example of strong positive fathering. I salute all the men I have known who love and provide for their children no matter what the circumstances. They know that it is their job to support the family financially, emotionally and physically. My own Dad worked a full-time job and created supplemental income using his electronic skills – many weeks working well over 40hrs.

Fathers serve as a wonderful source of the positive power of male strength that children experience. It is something children will absorb and grow to respect if handled well and under the Grace of God!

Wawa Aba is the Adinkra symbol that immediately comes to mind when I think about fathers. This symbol represents strength. The seed of a Wawa tree is very tough – hard to crack. This is symbolic of the strength that fathers have to exhibit. We must continue to teach the next generation the lessons of strength and how to apply it. God has made men strong so they can protect and provide for their families…not hurt and harm them. The man of the family unit has the God-given responsibility to cover his family with his strength like the shell on the seed of the Wawa.

I wish a very Happy Fathers Day to all the strong fathers out there. Keep walking in God’s stength and taking care of your families…. it is your beauty!!