Black History Month Celebrating Wawa Aba

February 2, 2011

The United States  has  elected a President of African descent —-

There are no longer laws  that confine or restrict the places  where African-Americans can go……

so many people ask the question……”Why do we need Black History Month”?

Represents strength

Adinkra symbol Wawa Aba

I believe we MUST continue to remember, celebrate and pass on the legacy of resilience that Africans  in American have lived.   Understanding the difficult past of our African ancestors and how they stood strong, believed in God for their freedom and never gave up is extremely important as we look to the future.   Our children need to understand that they are free because their ancestors NEVER gave up or gave in. Despite the evidence of any chance that things would change …….they continued on with the belief that if not their children, then their children’s children or great-grandchildren WOULD BE FREE!   And here we are …….their beliefs realized… beautiful!!!

The Adinkra symbol WAWA ABA  means seed of a wawa tree and represents hardiness, toughness and perseverance.   Black history month is a salute to our ancestors who kept these principles in their heart and minds.   We have to continue the walk ….standing just as tall and strong!   Celebrate Black history month this year with a vision of Wawa

Wawa Aba -show your strength

Wawa Aba embroidered cap from Kiarablu

Be Strong…….Be Proud…….Always Remember!


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