Bob Johnson living Sankofa

September 22, 2010

Just saw a CNN news report that Bob Johnson, founder of BET cable station and former owner of the Charlotte Bob Cats, is investing in the country of Liberia. He is planning to develop a spa resort on the coast of Liberia. I am so happy to see this happening. He has expressed a desire to see an increase in African-Americans connecting with Africa and Liberia in particular. During the interview today he expressed that he feels Liberia has great potential for African-American business development. I applaud this investment in a country that really needs the support by a man who can truly make a difference. I don’t know if Mr. Johnson would see this as an expression of the concept of Sankofa but I see this as a positive foundation that will encourage more connections between the Mother Land and African-Americans. That is what Sankofa is all about. Sure there have been many, many others that have invested in Africa but Mr. Johnson stands out, because his name is so well-known across this country. His example will catch the attention of others and I pray be a practice that is repeated by many!

Spa Hotel built by Bob Johnson

Here is a link to a July  CNN interview with Bob Johnson:


2 Responses to “Bob Johnson living Sankofa”

  1. Jacqueline Avril Says:

    I hope this will not be another example of “foreigners” going to the motherland to exploit the people there. The unfortunate reality of what Mr. Johnson is creating there will probably be very much like what’s happening in Jamaica. The Liberians will wind up working for a mere pittance to take care of vacationing “African” Americans looking to get the most bang for their buck. I worked at BET in New York when Mr. Johnson was negotiating the sale of BET and I can tell you his name is not rolling like honey off the lips of those he left behind. Hopefully he’ll do better by the Liberians.

    • Jaelma Says:

      Jacqueline- Thanks so much for stopping by. You have raised some very good points! I do hope that this would NOT be an example of foreigners expoiting the African continent. Unfortunately this has been the case in many instances in the past. We as a community have to be aware of conditions around the globe and be sure to share information related to what is going on.
      I am saddened to hear about the conditions at BET upon Mr Johnsons departure. I do pray that this resort will be a positive investment that will offer people around the globe an opportunity to visit Liberia and learn more about this beautiful country.

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