Happy National HBCU Week!

September 17, 2010

This is National HBCU week……..a time to celebrate  the Historically Black Colleges  and Universities of our great nation.  As a graduate of Hampton University  I think it is great to hear the President speaking  about  and bringing focus  to these historic institutions.  We have to continue the tradition of HBCU’s and emphasize the importance of education to the youth of our country.   They must understand that higher education will make a significant difference in what path their future takes.    The work that each student puts in to obtain a solid education will offer them many life opportunities that they could never imagine.   I have been able to  travel all across our great nation because of  the solid education I received at Hampton.   My education has opened doors that would have been solidly shut to me without out my degree.







HBCU t-shirt

HBCU t-shirt "Educating Future Leaders"

I am truly thankful for the encouragement I received from family and friends while I worked to obtain a higher education degree.  I challenge each of you to encourage and support the young people in your life to aim high and pursue not just an undergraduate degree but also a graduate level education.

The adinkra symbol Nea Onnim No  Sua A Ohu  represents knowledge & life long





HBCU s are shining a bright light on life long learning

learning. HBCU s have offered students a fantastic educational foundation for their life journey  since 1837, when Cheyney University was founded.  The importance of life long learning was not lost on the Akan nor the original students of HBCU s. It is our job now to continue to support these institutions in their mission and encourage our youth to learn as much as they can everyday!

Did you attend a HBCU ?  Please give a shoutout here!








HBCU kids tee

Show your little ones they are headed for greatness!


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