Sankofa Teacher – Marcus Garvey – True Black Star!

August 18, 2010

KiaraBlu tribute to Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey - Sankofa Teacher

Happy Marcus Garvey Day!  August 17th is celebrated around the world as  tribute to  Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr.  Since 1993 there have been gatherings and celebrations to shine a spotlight on this great leader of people of African descent!  Marcus Garvey was a very forward thinker and offered his people Pan-African philosophy in the form of Garveyism!   His creation of the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association) was to unite people of color across the diaspora.  Marcus Garvey was a great orator, publisher and led as many as 2 million followers within the UNIA.   The Black Star Line was a shipping line incorporated by Garvey and the UNIA with the goal of uniting and empowering people of African descent through the exchange of goods and transport of passengers to the continent of Africa.

Marcus Garvey believed in the active pursuit of Sankofa.  He interacted with other Pan Africanist around the world to establish a foundation that would offer people of African Descent empowerment through community interaction and community support.  These concepts and actions have been an inspiration to many others in modern history.

Are you a student of Garvey?  How are you inspiring Sankofa in your community?

Give a shout out to those that are shining the light  and power of Sankofa like Garvey!


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