Graduation Duafe- Kente Graduation stoles 2010

May 19, 2010

Just a quick update for the Afrocentric graduate! We now have Kente Graduation Stoles available at KiaraBlu!

Kente for Class of  2010

Duafe for the Graduate 2010

These are a perfect gift for the enthusiastic graduate that wishes to show their cultural heritage.   The top symbol designs, represents the Diamond of Wealth and Riches,  Second is the Key to Knowledge and Success, and  below is the symbolic Stool of Leadership and Unity. There are a variety of color combinations available…….. including  a  unique  International Stole that is just awesome!   Also available is the Latino Kente stole with symbols that  include the   African Key to Knowledge and Success, the Montezuma Wave, and Flying Bird, adapted from Mayan blanket work.

Each  of these beautiful Kente strips  is hand-woven on a strip loom by a master kente weaver in Ghana, using an age old-tradition, and taking as long a day to complete, depending on the complexity. A full 72″ long and about 4″ wide.

Here is a link to our entire collection!


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