Celebrating Earth Day -ASASE YE DURU

April 18, 2010

On April 22 across our country and around the world, people will be celebrating Earth Day!   Did you know that the Akan celebrated the providence of Mother Earth?

 Adinkra symbol - The Earth Has Weight

Asase Ye Dura The Earth Has Weight

The Adinkra symbol Asase Ye Duru represents the providence and divinity of the Earth.  This symbol represents the importance of the Earth sustaining life.   I think it is amazing that this was such an important concept for this African  people  that  they created a written symbol to convey the message:  The Earth HAS weight!!

Today we all must grasp this thought and do all we can each and every day to show respect for Mother Earth.   When we put these efforts  together ,they create  a huge  positive impact and help to create a better future!  Just think…..the Akan knew this and worked toward the  positive future we know as the present!

Have a wonderful Earth Day and do something for MOTHER EARTH!!


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