Celebrate Duafe- Womens History Month

March 23, 2010

The Adinkra symbol Duafe represents beauty and cleanliness. These are said to be desirable feminine qualities. The adinkra symbol is also said to be symbolic of goodness, love and care. I think the Akan people realized the value of a feminine view of the world…..that it is important and necessary! Women add beauty to our world in a very special way. I believe it is imperative for modern women of ALL cultures to emphasis this and teach it to the next generation. In a world where women can do just about anything, we have to remember that being a woman IS special and different and that we bring a unique energy to the table!
As we take this month to recognize Women’s History we must be sure to look at the special energy that we offer our husbands, parents, children, friends and the world.

Reach out and Celebrate your Duafe…Your beauty is SPECIAL!

Adinkra symbol Duafe


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