Sankofa – Family History

February 25, 2010

Black history is not just about memorizing facts and dates about others it is a GREAT time to learn more about your own family!

Take some time this month to talk to older family members..ask them about their childhood, their parents, what pictures do they have?? Have them retell stories that you have heard before…you may be surprised at a new piece of family history that comes out.

Recently I learned that my Great Grandfather was alive when my Grandfather passed on ( before I was even born). I just assumed he had passed on too. It was only when I asked my Aunt what was the year of her Grandfathers death that I learned it was much later than I could have guessed!

I had an exciting time several years ago tracking a cousin of my Grandfathers ……all I knew is that her name was Laurastein and she lived in Philly…..but I found her on the census! What a thrill to look at the census and see your grandfathers cousin and find other family members.

So as you can see I am a card carrying member of! I would like to offer a gift to you!
Become a registered member of Adinkra Love and I will give you a FREE Census lookup on the 1900, 1910 or 1920 census!
That will be my Sankofa Gift to you!

Look for another nice gift for everyone on Fri!


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