February is the Month of Sankofa!

February 1, 2010

Ah…..February….Black History month!!   One of my favorite times of the year!  I enjoy seeing and hearing all the beautiful sites and sounds this month has to offer!   Why you ask…can’t I experience these things all year long…especially with 24/7 access to the web??  Well the answer is yes and no….because there are just MORE exibits…MORE programs…..just more focus and because I love African history I am just happier!!

Sankofa "Return and Get it"

Sankofa "Return and Get it"

 I have decided to dedicate this lil’ blog space to the Adinkra symbol Sankofa for the month of February.  Sankofa means “return and get it”……it is reminding us to learn from our past…..I believe this is true of  ALL mankind…..we can learn from our past mistakes!

So here is to looking back and learning……this is a good thing we do each year!


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