Martin Luther King Day MLK

January 12, 2010

Dr King 1964  Nobel Peace Prize

What a great man!


I have been concerned for quite a few years that MLK Day has not developed into a more productive day than it has
It seems many people have come to see it as just another day off.
I remember when it first became a national holiday…it felt sooooo GOOD to gather together and honor this GREAT man and all that he sacraficed for our people. He gave us soooo much. It seemed there were so many programs you had to pick which to attend and read about the others in the local African-American newspaper.  I remember my days at  Hampton University marching  to the campus chapel…what great days ….we felt so positive about having this holiday…..the whole country was going to honor Dr. King! 

Now it seems there are not so many programs , not many folks talking about the struggle or Dr King’s contributions. I have been searching for  a meaningful way to celebrate Dr Kings legacy…….Recently I stumbled upon a way to do just that!
 I am not the only one who feels we should be doing more on this day. 

You can find a volunteer project in your local community and offer service on MLK Day!!    The Corportation for National and Community Service has a database of service projects you can join in your local community !
This is a wonderful way to promote a sense of community and connection!  And as we work togther we can get to know one another, find the peace and harmony that Dr King believed in.  Take your kids, youth group, neighbors and friends and make a positive differecence on MLK Day.   Check out this awesome opportunity (link to the right)….plug in your zipcode and find a service project in your community.  So easy… is amazing…..we can use it to connect and make our community a better place! 

Can you believe that there is an Adinkra symbol that represents this concept? 


“Help me and let me help you” 

We can learn this lesson of many years from the AKAN people ……..the concept of community is vey important!  We MUST work together to help one another.   So long ago…. the Akan thought the concept of reaching out to help a brother or sister was important enough to develp a written symbol…and remember that the tradition of passing things down orally was the norm……but this was one concept that  must have stood out……maybe they thought that it helped to have a visual reminder in support of comunity. 

  Have a beautiful MLK Day! 


Remember this great man   and remind others of how much he gave to our community
To find  the service and community projects in your area  check out the link to the right ……
  Let me know what you get done in your community!





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